KOBCIYE-Project has started.

We are implementing inclusive TVET project in Eastern Somaliland.
TVET-Project will benefit hundreds of vulnerable people across the Todhgeer regions.The project involves cooperation with local TVET operators. In the project, we cooperate with the TVET Center of GOLIS.

TVET- for impact project

HODECO ORG is currently participating in the Finnish Somalia Network Development Cooperation Program Partner Search 2021.
TVET for Impact is a project that aims to develop new services and cooperation models to promote employment and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, the project combines employment and training opportunities in new ways. First, the project maps and identifies local market demand and needs for future skills. The project closely monitors the labor market and looks for ways to meet their needs. Identification is done through improved dialogue with employers through the social corporate responsibility (CSR)-program.
The Vocational Training Center has a specific curriculum tailored to the level of knowledge and resources of the beneficiaries. The training program consist of short modules and are approximately 3-6 months long. The course also includes internships in companies participating in the CSR-program.

Technical and Vocational education Training center

status: Approved

Burao Technical and Vocational education School

We are currently raising funding for the Burao Vocational School. The local implementer is HODECO NGO and the partner is Somaliland Ministry of Education.
The Burao Technical Institute was originally built by the former German government in the early 1960s for bilateral aid to the former Somalia. The project included construction, training supplies and facilities with expert coaches. By 1990, the school had been partially destroyed and not since refurbished. Our goal is to rebuild and renovate the Vocational School again so that the younger generation can learn new skills and it will definitely lead to a sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities.

Goal: $20.000

Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for the world’s poorest communities. Drinkable water for IDP- Camp, + Water purification system.

Come join us to finance. This is a small pilot project related to water purification. Target group selected because of its vulnerability. We have received information from local UNHCR actors who suggest that refugees in IDP camps in the OOG area do not have access to clean water and communicable diseases are circulating in the area. We took action and sought to raise funding and implement a water treatment system for the IDP camp.

Goal: $25.000


HODECO carried out an extensive development cooperation project between the Nordic Diaspora organizations and With the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
The goal of the collaborative project was to support Somaliland health care in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by sending more than 10 tons of hospital supplies and equipment to public regional hospitals in Buroa, Ainaba and Oog reagon.
The project was part of the MIDA Finnsom IV- Somaliland Health Education Project, implemented by IOM, which aims to improve the health of Somalis, especially in remote areas of Somaliland.
IOM funded through Ministry of foreign affairs of Finland
Projects ref: UHA2020-003581

Total Budjet: $20.000